Exploration is the New Search
Lora Aroyo, SXSW2017 @NewDutchMedia Talk

Towards Better Media Understanding and Searchability
Oana Inel, Cross Media Cafe: Uit het Lab

The Wisdom of the Crowd through Gamification
Lora Aroyo, NLeSC-Lorentz Center eHumanities Day 2015

Towards New Cultural Commons with DIVE+
Oana Inel, Netherlands eScience Symposium 2015

Oana Inel, NLeSC-Lorentz Center eHumanities Day 2015

Truth is a Lie: 7 Myths about Human Annotation
Lora Aroyo, Cognitive Computing Forum 2014

Student Presentations

Crowdsourcing Disagreement on Open-Domain Questions
Benjamin Timmermans, July 18th 2014