Data Science with Humans in the Loop
Inaugural Address of Prof. Lora Aroyo, 2017

CrowdTruth Tutorial: Using the Crowd to Understand Ambiguity
Anca Dumitrache, HCOMP-NL symposium 2017

Crowdsourcing ambiguity aware ground truth
Chris Welty, Collective Intelligence 2017

Disrupting the Semantic Comfort Zone
Lora Aroyo, keynote at ESWC 2017

Exploration is the New Search
Lora Aroyo, SXSW2017 @NewDutchMedia Talk

Towards Better Media Understanding and Searchability
Oana Inel, Cross Media Cafe: Uit het Lab

The Wisdom of the Crowd through Gamification
Lora Aroyo, NLeSC-Lorentz Center eHumanities Day 2015

Towards New Cultural Commons with DIVE+
Oana Inel, Netherlands eScience Symposium 2015

Truth is a Lie: 7 Myths about Human Annotation
Lora Aroyo, Cognitive Computing Forum 2014

Student Presentations

Processing Video Content and Transcript for Key-Topic Identification
Daniela Cretu, MSc Thesis Presentation ’17

A Concentric-based Approach to Represent News Topics in Tweets
Enya Nieland, BSc Thesis Presentation ’17

The Relevance of Events in News Articles Quinten van Langen, BSc Thesis Presentation ’17

Crowdsourcing Disagreement on Open-Domain Questions
Benjamin Timmermans, July 18th 2014