The CrowdTruth research group hosts several courses. You can visit the individual pages of each course through the main menu.

Watson Innovation Course

The Watson Innovation course is a collaboration between the Vrije Universiteit, University of Amsterdam and IBM. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about IBM Watson, cognitive computing and the meaning of such artificial intelligence systems in a real world and big data context. Students from Computer Science and Economics faculties will join their complimentary efforts and creativity in cross-disciplinary teams to explore the business and innovation potential of such technologies. The CrowdTruth team is the core teaching team for the joint VU-IBM Watson Innovation Course awarded in 2016 the ICT-Project of the year in education. Previous editions: 2015, 2016, 2017.

Data Science with Humans in the Loop

On 14-15 September 2017, the Human Computation Community in the Netherlands (HComp-NL), supported by 4TU-NIRICT, organised a series of events at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in conjunction with the inaugural lecture of Prof. Dr. Lora Aroyo entitled “Data Science with Humans in the Loop”. In the first part of the HComp-NL Symposium PhD students and postdocs of the SIKS Graduate School provided a tutorial session in the field of Human Computation and provided practical experiences on how various forms of crowdsourcing, nichesourcing, human computation and citizen science can help gather, harness and capture human knowledge at scale and thus ultimately improve machine-based systems. The CrowdTruth methodology and metrics were discussed in depth during this session.
In the second session of the symposium a number of international researchers from academia and industry, all working in different fields of human computation and user-generated content, presented some of their current research.

Text Mining for Digital Humanities Course

This course offers a module teaching how to collect crowd annotations for tasks in the digital humanities domain. The CrowdTruth method for interpreting inter-annotator disagreement, its aims, advantages and how it relates to obtaining reliable results are introduced in the module. Students learn to setup a crowd sourcing task during the work group session. Previous editions: 2015, 2016, 2017.

Watson Masterclass for Professionals

The Masterclass aims to provide participants from various companies with an overview of Cognitive Computing and crowdsourcing with CrowdTruth (day 1) and the current possibilities of IBM Watson (day 2). The goal is to educate decision makers about the technology. At the end of the Masterclass, there is an open panel discussion between experts and participants. The Watson Masterclass for Professionals takes place twice a year since 2016.

Big Data Summerschool

In collaboration with IBM NL and IBM US, this module focuses on Big Data and cognitive computing systems. These systems will forever change the way people interact with computing systems, by extending and magnifying their expertise and cognition across any domain of knowledge and make complex decisions involving extraordinary volumes of fast moving Big Data.