Big Data Summerschool 2016

In collaboration with IBM NL and IBM US, this module focuses on Big Data and cognitive computing systems. These systems will forever change the way people interact with computing systems, by extending and magnifying their expertise and cognition across any domain of knowledge and make complex decisions involving extraordinary volumes of fast moving Big Data. In this context, we will present a brief introduction of the technical and theoretical underpinnings of IBM Watson system and will discuss use of big data and implications for society: how cognitive computing systems change the way people interact with computing systems? How such systems help people to make complex decisions involving extraordinary volumes of data? What are the consequences, for individuals, organizations and society? How cognitive computing systems deal with aspects of privacy and trust? Building on this, we will then look examples of how the original Watson system can be adapted to new domains and tasks, and we will present the novel approach CrowdTruth for gathering training and evaluation data in this context.


4th of July – morning10:15-10:45Intro: Cognitive Computing, Crowdsourcing & Big Data
5th of July – morning9:30-10:45Lecture: Cognitive Computing and Watson
11:00-12:00Tutorial: Working with the Watson Instance
Assignment: Watson Instance Testing
12:00-13:00Lunch break
5th of July – afternoon13:00-14:00Lecture: Human Computing and Crowdsourcing
14:15-14:45Tutorial: CrowdTruth Crowdsourcing Experiments
Handout: CrowdTruth Crowdsourcing Experiments
15:00-17:00Assignment: Crowdsourcing Task Redesign
Handout: CrowdTruth Crowdsourcing Experiments
Handout: Modelling Optimal Crowdsourcing Tasks
7th of July – afternoon13:00-17:00Assignment 1: Crowd Metrics
Assignment 2: Data Analytics
8th of July – afternoon13:00-15:00Lecture: Watson Mistakes