Digging into Military Memoirs

On 8th and 9th of September the workshop “Digging into Military Memoirs” took place at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, in Leiden. The workshop, organized by Stef Scagliola, was a great opportunity to get a close contact with researchers, historians in various fields such as interviews, oral history, cross-media analysis among others. During the workshop the participants experimented with digital technologies on the basis of a corpus of 700 documents published about the veterans in Indonesia.

The aim of the workshop was to explain to a group of around 20 historians the possibilities of Digital Humanities tools and methods. The workshop was divided in four sessions (Data Visualization, Open Linked Data, Text Mining and Crowdsourcing) and each part was composed of a short presentation and hands-on assignments to be performed individually or in groups. The main expectation for each of the sessions was to inform the researchers about the most appropriate tools/applications to use at each stage of their research in order to generate faster and more efficient insights for their work.

The crowdsourcing session was developed and presented together with Liliana Melgar. We divided the session in two parts. The first part was to be followed as an example, Liliana provided brief explanations about the current state-of-the-art in crowdsourcing approaches in Digital Humanities and other fields. In the second part, the historians were able to experiment with different examples of crowdsourcing task and further develop a project idea (based on their own interests) where crowdsourcing would make a good candidate.